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Rejuvenating Organic Bath

Rejuvenating Organic Bath is great for any type of coat . It is calming and balancing cleanse that helps to repair follicles from inside out. 100% certified organic shampoo and conditioner effectively replenishes dry hair leaving it healthy, hydrated and static free. Pamper your dogs and give them that flawless show look for additional $20-$45 only. Priceless look you’ve ever dreamed of.

Straightening Keratin Treatment

Straightening Keratin Treatment is great for drop down long haired dogs in full coat using keratin conditioner, specifically created for dogs, and flat iron to achieve that beautiful show look. The keratin conditioner not only helps to restore and repair damaged hair, but it also helps to prevent further damage. The conditioner lubricates the hair sealing the cuticles for healthier and shiny look. Flat ironing helps to smooth the hair and activates the conditioner to ensure beautiful smooth shiny and healthy look. Great for any season but especially helpful in winter months.

Keratin Vital Treatment

Restores the softness and shine of natural hair, leaving a silky and smooth look. Keratin helps with damaged hair and adds more weight, which makes the hair looks straighter and hang better. Great for drop coats and long -haired dogs. Price $15-$55 depending on the dog, condition of the coat and dog size

Protein Vital

instantly restores the vibrancy of all coat types, without adding weight or changing texture. This treatment works to repair the coat with silk protein. It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which contributes to the natural shine of a healthy coat and adds elasticity and flexibility while preventing breakage. Great for curly and double coated dogs. Price $15-$55 depending on the dog, condition of the coat and dog size

Hip and Joint Cooling Relief Shampoo

A soothing and cooling bath full of natural ingredients to ease joint discomfort, sore muscles and arthritic pain. Deep penetrating Menthol and Camphor are easily absorbed through the skin into the muscles for quick relief. Price $10-$20 depending on the dog size and coat









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