Screenshot_20240101_140659_ChromeCCGC2023byBSPhotography-1488E1Ly-(ZF-5730-89059-1-002) Guzal and 3 dogs new england showAll American Poodle






Guzal is a multiple award winning  internationally recognized dog stylist and well-known speaker in the dog grooming industry. Perfectionist by nature, she will try her best to ensure the highest quality of the services and products possible.  She says: – “We are not about quantity but quality”.  Guzal started her pet grooming career in 2005 and has not stopped educating herself through multiple seminars and grooming trade shows. She participates in grooming competitions all over the USA and has brought multiple awards. Guzal is a national certified  AKC certified pet stylists and trained in dogs and cats CPR and first aid.  Animals’ health is very important to her. That’s why she is always researching and adding numerous beneficial and holistic spa services to the basic pet grooming that they offer. She has a special connection with pets, which makes it so easy for her to bond with all animals.  Her specialty is hand-stripping and hand-scissoring, poodles, terriers or mixed breeds … you name it. Either it is a breed specific cut, teddy bear cut or Asian fusion, she’s got it all. Guzal is also a well-known speaker in the grooming industry and the owner of dog grooming tutoring center.