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The owners:

Maxwell, Guzal,  Boss and Diamond

Maxwell is “can do it all” person. He is a magician behind the scene: groomer assistant,   a movie maker, a photographer, a marketing director, and a customer relations manager. He is the roots, the foundation that holds it all together. His down to earth friendly and gentle personality attracts both pets and their humans.  He has an amazing gift of befriending everyone, humans and their animals. Maxwell has been in management for more than 7 years and always has been the best at what he does. He has multiple rewards and customers’ grateful reviews and referrals. His priority is safety, health and customer’s satisfaction.  He always says:-“We are here not just to meet but exceed customers’ expectations” and he will make sure the things are done properly.

If Maxwell is the roots Guzal is the branches and leaves. She herself:-“can do it all” person. Perfectionist by nature, she will try her best to ensure the highest quality of the services and products possible.  She says: – “We are not about quantity but quality”.  Guzal started her pet grooming career in 2005 and has not stopped educating herself through multiple seminars and grooming trade shows. She participates in grooming competitions all over the USA.  Animals’ health is very important to her. That’s why she is always researching and adding numerous beneficial and holistic spa services to the basic pet grooming that they offer at the salon. She has a special connection with pets, which makes it so easy for her to bond with all animals. Guzal is a nationally certifies pet stylist. Her specialty is handstripping and handsissoring, terriers and doodles.

Together Maxwell and Guzal own an absolute sweetheart – black and tan Doberman named Boss and amazing and fun kerry blue terrier named Diamond .   Boss is 11 years old. He is very smart and sweet. He is the guardian of the house. He will let you know if there is someone coming with his powerful bark. But he is a real sweetheart and gets along with all dogs and cats. Diamond is our love ball. He goes with Guzal to grooming competitions and helps her to win the prizes.





Toi has been grooming for over 13 years. She is great with dogs and a perfectionist at her job. Toi and Guzal used to work together a few years ago and have known each other for years.
Toi is one of the most honest people. She is very straight forward. He truly loves the dogs and will do everything possible to ensure safety and comfort of the animals. Even though, Toi has many years in grooming industry under her belt , she constantly attend seminars and trade shows to further her education. We are lucky to have her as a part of our team.






Kristy (2)



Kristy is one of our younger groomers with about 3 years of experience. She is very talented and patient. She always pays attention to  details and not afraid of the challenges. She has the sweetest personality and makes sure all pets are comfortable while in her care.


sara hershey



Sarah Drouin is a Nationally Certified Master groomer and multiple award winner pet stylist, a proud brand ambassador for AdVet Care, one of the best all natural pet grooming brands. She is often invited as a speaker and teacher. She strives to bring perfection of the show grooming to the everyday pet styles. She is Pet Tech CPR certified. Safety is a number one priority for her. Sarah works in one of our mobile units and will be happy to bring her style to you




Tracy has over 20 years of pet grooming experience. She is excellent at grooming different kind of dog breeds and cats, but she is definitely an expert in cat grooming. She herself owns 3 wonderful rescue cats. Tracy is one of the most gentle and careful groomers we know.








Weylon is our assistant and bather. Tall guy with a big heart for animals.












Sophia is our salon manager in Old Town Alexandria. She has an extensive experience working with animals. Her positive attitude and desire to help everyone is inspiring. We cannot imagine our company without her.


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