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Tall or small we take them all!!!  Either you have a Chihuahua or Bernese Mountain Dog, we will be thrilled to have you in our spa.  We offer several packages depending on your pet’s needs and your expectations.

What does basic grooming include?

  • Up to 15 minutes brushing
  • Bath with natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Fluff dry
  • Haircut according to the breed standard or your taste
  • Nail trim and file
  • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Perfume spray to emphasize the freshness

We use all natural shampoos and conditioners

Please keep in mind that we do not express anal glands unless requested otherwise. The reason why we don’t do that is because not every dog needs that. Normally, dogs should express them on their own when they go to the bathroom. There is no need to irritate that sensitive area, unless it is absolutely necessary.



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